Aged to perfection:
Vintage Wines

Our wines are delicate and playful yet also deep and complex. Elegant and unforgettable in their youth -- and even more so when aged. One notable feature of the finest bottles from the Karthäuserhofberg is their aging potential. As they age, the wines gain in complexity and intensity, all without losing their astounding youthful freshness. That makes them absolutely unique, and a treasure to wine lovers around the world.

We have a long-standing tradition of aging the majority of our nobly sweet specialties within our own historical vaulted cellars, ensuring optimal conditions for ripening. But our dry wines also develop an immense radiant character after several years of bottle aging. This is more than just our passion. This uncompromising attention to the aging process represents a promise to wine fans: any bottle of our fine wines that bears the label “vintage wine” or “late release” will have earned that title.

There is no map to guarantee perfectly aged wine, nor do any universal rules apply. Each of our wines is shaped by the conditions of that particular vintage and is unique in its development. If you're interested in our aged treasures, we’d be glad to tell you which we’ve most recently brought back to the light of day. You can look forward to fascinating palatable experiences.