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Here’s to Riesling!

Our wine program follows the VDP classification structure, with VDP.GUTSWEINE, VDP.ORTSWEINE and wines from our VDP.GROSSE LAGE. The VDP.Gutsweine and VDP.Ortsweine include our range of dry premium wines with the exception of the VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS, which are the sole dry wine to appear with our vineyard name.

  1. VDP.Große Lage
  2. VDP.Erste Lage*
  3. VDP.Ortswein
  4. VDP.Gutswein

* The Mosel branch of the VDP has opted not to use the VDP.ERSTE LAGE classification.

Im Weinkeller wird Wein in ein Glas abgefüllt.


Our VDP.GUTSWEINE are an entryway into the world of the Karthäuserhof. The wines are crystal clear, subtle and spicy, with a clarion, focused fruit and a delicate minerality. This category also includes our sole non-Riesling wine, an aromatic, juicy and fruity Weißburgunder.

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The highlight of every Karthäuserhof vintage: the world-famous Rieslings from our VDP.GROSSE LAGE, the Karthäuserhofberg. We produce a dry VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS wine as well as fruity and nobly sweet Prädikat wines. These distinctive wines are shaped from first sip to last by the hallmark character of the Karthäuserhof, a crispness and approachability that draws the drinker into the complexity and depth below. These wines have won many awards over recent decades.

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