The icon of Rieslings.
The unparalleled Karthäuserhof.

Karthäuserhof wines have an unique character that has won the hearts and minds of Riesling aficionados throughout Germany and beyond. Our wines are delicate and playful, yet also deep, layered and complex.

The conditions of the Karthäuserhofberg are ideal for our Riesling grapes to achieve their full splendor. Our vineyard proves that this varietal can reach unparalleled heights regardless of whether produced dry, fruity or nobly sweet. Its undeniable quality can be tasted throughout our program, from the entry-level Gutswein to the majestic Großes Gewächs. Equally astounding: our wines shine when opened young and thrill when allowed to age.

Vintage for vintage, we do everything in our power to capture the unique and unadulterated character of the Karthäuserhofberg’s Rieslings in each bottle we produce — our gift to wine aficionados the world over.