Nature and viticulture
in harmonious accord

Our vineyard’s bounty was formed over millions of years. To keep it intact for generations to come, we pursue the balance between the needs of winegrowing and the protection of indigenous plants and animals.

Centuries ago, a mixed forest was planted above the vineyard, protecting our vines against cold autumn winds from the Hunsrück mountains and offering a safe refuge for the microclimate. The vineyard walls are composed of striated slate to capture the sun’s warmth by day and release it overnight to the vines. They also provide nesting spots for birds and hiding places for lizards and small snakes.

Flowering plants, wild herbs and oat grass have been planted between the rows of vines, enhancing the nutritional content of the soil and providing a healthy habitat for a variety of beneficial organisms. We use no artificial or chemical fertilizers, choosing instead organic products ranging from stable dung to bark mulch, composted pomace and shredded vine wood from the Karthäuserhof.

Logo von Fair'n Green

The Karthäuserhof has received the independent “Fair ’N Green” certification for sustainable viticulture. Fair ’N Green stands for:

  • Environmental protection and minimalist intervention winegrowing

  • Promotion of biodiversity
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Fair wages and social engagement
  • Social responsibility

  • Retention and promotion of the cultural landscape