Where Mother Nature smiles.

Our site’s unique terroir —the interplay between soil, microclimate, inherent natural characteristics and human interventions — gives our wines a singular character and tremendous aging potential that has captivated wine fans all over the world.

Devonian slate plays a crucial role in the strong mineral content of our soil and is revealed by its pink copper tint. As the slate weathers, the extremely soft and warmth-retaining material releases iron minerals. Through this process, the vines absorb important elements such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as numerous other trace elements, which are then passed on in high concentrations to our grapes. In addition to the slate, the soils of the Karthäuserhofberg contain clayey veins that retain water efficiently.

Karthäuserhofberg wines have an exceptionally diverse range of aromas, from tropical fruit to a marked minerality. This is because our vines have access to a balanced mix of the elements that they need to thrive.